Following up on last weeks blog post about the benefits of Grass Fed Butter in your diet, I felt it prudent to encourage you towards buying some MCT oil as well. MCT oil or “medium Chain Triglycerides” are well known as a low impact, high value fuel for your body and brain. Since we have all moved on from the ‘low fat’ fallacy, it is time we really look at some ways this healthy fat will benefit your life.

First off, I gotta give you just a little bit of chemistry so that when your friends ask you “What is this shit, and why should I take it?”, you will be able to not only give them some good info about health, but you can really blow their minds with some science!!

Medium Chain refers to how many Carbon atoms connect in the chain of fatty acid. MCT oil, has carbon lengths between 6 and 10. The shorter the carbon chain, the quicker and easier your body can turn it into fuel for the brain and body! Other Fats like Poly-unsaturated, saturated and Mono-unsaturated all have chains that are upwards of 18-22.

-MCT oil is very easy on the body, as the gallbladder does not have to produce enzymes to help in absorption.

-MCT oil is able to pass through the Blood/ Brian Barrier easily so it provides quick fuel for the brain.

-MCT Oil is synthesized easily in the liver to ketones which provide energy for muscles and organs.

And if those physiological benefits weren’t enough for you how about these others;

-MCT oil, because of the ease of digestion, is burned as energy and rarely stored as fat. This makes it a vital addition to your morning nutrient intake.

-MCT oil cleans out your GUT of harmful bacteria. If you are someone who takes medications, indulges in processed grains or sugars, or otherwise is trying to rebalance your GUT health, you need to be taking a MCT oil.

-MCT oil helps you lose weight. Burning fat and protein takes a lot of energy, a process I have written about called, thermogenic effect. MCT oil straight up oxidizes bad fat, kicks that shit out and get you looking good!

-MCT oil is all natural and even Vegan for all you kooks out there that don’t like meat! Just kidding.. But MCT oil is straight outta the Coconut most times so feel free to indulge in the goodness of what nature provides.

Moving from carbohydrates to Fats as the fuel source for your body is important. Cutting inflammation and boosting brain power is almost Godly. MCT oil is one way you can move closer to your goal of optimal performance and health. Good luck.

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