The Science is proven. Processed Carbohydrates do more to deplete your athletic performance than add to it. The notion that simple sugars can give you an edge is simply just not what most people need or should fuel on for training. The answer could be…. Butter.

Grass Fed Butter is literally a Superfood, seriously, by definition it is. Grass Fed butter is very high in Vitamins A, D, E and K2. These vitamins are responsible for hormonal balancing, and cardiovascular health. Magnesium and Zinc are also huge players in the game. By consuming Grass Fed Butter you can balance calcium levels, repair muscles and provide adequate energy during training.

Grass Fed Butter can provide 20 times more ATP during cellular metabolism than can be gained by eating all sorts of processed grains and sugars!

Here are a couple simple truths about eating Grass Fed Butter for Athletic Performance;

1) Don’t go overboard. I put this first on the list because I don’t want to give you impression that you should be licking the stuff all day long. If you are trying to lose weight and maintain performance I would recommend cooking with it once a day, perhaps 3 or so hours before a training session. If you want to consume it more than once a day, I would limit your exposure to 2 tablespoons per day. Butter is still a saturated fat. Different than other Omega 3 fats that are unsaturated and poly unsaturated.

2) Go Organic. Pasteurization is the process of super heating a food product to kill bad bacteria. For most of the shit food products that are out there, like mass produced eggs, and milk from big dairy plants, it is a necessity. But your butter should be like your other fats; (i.e. coconut oil and avocados and nuts), ORGANIC. Avoid the pasteurization process to keep the good stuff inside.

3) Fat dissolves slower. Don’t pound a Bulletproof coffee or whack down a quick chunk and expect to turn into superman. Fueling on Good Fats WILL give you sustained energy without the glucose bump but it takes time to break down. Saturated fats tend to be a bit slower than the unsaturated kinds, BTW.

So don’t be afraid to adorn your dinner table with a mound of the golden deliciousness. The years of Grass Fed butter being a pariah and heart attack maker are grossly overstated. There should be no more canola oils or processed oils in your pantry anymore. There are so many great options that will keep you healthy and give you energy. Good Luck and Go milk a cow!

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