Men’s Skincare: 5 Things Women Can Do to Get Him to Use Great Skin Products (or do anything for that matter).

For a few years now we at FIT FACE have been making high-performing, health-conscious, no gimmick skincare for men, and in that time we’ve talked with a lot of dude’s who are happy converts to the world of healthy ingredients and good looking skin.  We’ve also, however, heard from a lot of women who say the same thing: “I can’t get my guy to use good skin products.”  Yeah, we get it…TRUST US…we get it, there’s definitely a bit of a bias some men have for using anything but their ol’ trusty bar of soap for skincare.

But here’s the thing, us guys are pretty simple creatures, and if you want us to do something then there are tried-and-true methods you can use to get us to willingly move in any direction.

So here they are: five ways to get guys to care about quality men’s skincare (or anything else):

1) Show respect to him for what he is already doing (not what he could be doing).

Here’s the deal, guys like to do more of what they’re good at and less of what they’re not good at.  So if he is respected for something, no matter how small it is, he’s going to want to do more of that type of thing.  If a woman says, “I think it’s very cool how you know so much about bicycles,” then a guy is going to tell her a lot more about his bicycles, as well as other things that he knows a lot about.  And he’s going to feel super proud doing so.  Try this: “It’s cool how you take time shaving to make sure your face is looking good.”

2) Make it lead to more sex.

Universally accepted truth: Men would swallow glass if they thought they’d get a little some-some that night for doing so.  Try this: “Washing your face and using your moisturizer before bed, are you?  You must be looking to get lucky.”  If there’s follow through then you’ll see a lot of grooming before bed from then on.

3) Show him admiration for the quality you want more of.

A dude will never really change because somebody is telling him he should look or act a certain way.  But if gets admired for something that he already is or does, then damn sure he’ll work to get even better at it.  Try this: “I think your skin is one of the best parts about you.”  You may be thinking, But wait, won’t a guy then be happy and content with his current lousy men’s skincare routine?  Give it a shot and see what happens.

4) What NOT to do.

It’s worth noting what you shouldn’t do to get your guy to care about men’s skincare (or anything else).

  • Compare him to other men. “I see Todd doing this, you should do it to.”
  • Say he’d be better looking if he used better products (remember…say he’s already good looking because of the way he cares for his skin – even if he doesn’t).
  • Say he should do something because it’s good for him.

5) Lead The Horse to Water and Close the Deal.

OK, you’ve done #1, #2, and/or #3 (and avoided #4), so now you’re guy is feeling great about himself and is willingly ready and wanting to do more for his skincare.  It’s time to show him the way.  May we suggest you send him a link to our website.  Or go ahead and buy the products for him (if you buy the products then don’t say “I got these for you”, say “You have great skin so I got these for you”).

6) Extra freebie bonus

Follow any of our suggestions but apply them while naked.  Much higher return on your investment.

About FIT FACE: We make high-performance, no gimmick, health conscious skincare for men.  We developed our formulas specifically with the active and aware man in mind – the guy who is consistently getting his heartbeat up, outdoors, in the elements, and is conscious about overall health. That’s our focus because that’s who we are, and we want grooming products that we’re going to use, make us look better, get us excited, and that we want to tell our friends about.  Find out more about us at