Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in a host of plastic and canned products that you eat and it can destroy your health and performance. Today, it is almost impossible to purchase a food or drink product without it being wrapped in some sort of plastic product. I have 4 simple suggestions on how you can eliminate BPA poisoning from your life.

BPA acts on the endocrine (hormone) system of the body. Your hormones control everything from your likelihood of getting cancer to how much you will be able to clean and jerk. Simply, all actions are a result of hormones acting on the muscle systems to create kinetic activity, or recovery. If you look on the bottom of your water bottle, food container or soup can you will see the recycling triangle and a number designation inside of it. Certain colored products have certain numbers, but what is important is what these numbers mean.

If you see the #7 inside the triangle, you are threatening yourself with BPA toxicity. But dont always take the manufacturers word for it. Since most products contain some form of BPA, here are some key ways to keep it from hurting your health.

1) Buy Glass containers. Instead of purchasing plastic baggies, or plastic containers for storage, you should buy stainless steel, ceramic, or glass containers to store and heat food in.

2) Non-Stick pans =BPA. If you are out buying housewares, no matter how good the non-stick pan may look, you should go for the cast iron or steel skillets. Since BPA is measured in the body as ‘parts per milliion’, each time you cook with non-stick pans and a little wears off into your food, that can have a profound effect on your overall health. Remember that disease is cumulative.

3) Change out your water bottle. Hydro Flasks are super popular right now and it is for good reason. All those shaker bottles that you have in your cupboard contain some level of BPA. Many plastic shakers have big stickers on them “BPA free” but over the long term, you will have colder and healthier water if you switch to metal.

4) Stay away from canned foods. Most of you eat a predominantly fresh food diet or perhaps some frozen veggies no and again. This concern should be minor but be aware that any time you opt for sauces, veggies and even tuna from the can you are risking exposure to BPA.

BPA does crazy things to all manner of endocrine organs in your body. BPA is the #1 estrogen stimulator and #3 cancer causing agent in our environment today. While we don’t live in a vacuum and are subject to our greater environments, there is not perfect elimination. But as we strive to make 2017 the most amazing healthy year yet, this is another way we can do so. Stay conscious my friends and stay away from plastic!

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